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Ace (A Final son) with his daddy.


HA HA I guess Ace rooted his daddy out of bed!


Ace visits his grandparents in New York!


Ahhhhh the kids, gotta love them huh?


Ace's Real daddy says.. "Son! Haven't you learned to clean your own ears?"


Life is so Rough! Final and Ace.


A very gangly group of puppies. From left to right....

Ace,Taz,Angel,Dippy,Tootsie,Spawn and Cannon


Can you even beging to imagine who this lil' fellar is? Why... It's Baby Wandyl!

Photo Credit: Chris Wells Lee of Hilltop/Allee Kennels


Gee, where does mom sleep? Dreamer and Final


No, it's not a rat, it's our Toy Rat Terrier as a lil' baby! Scooter has a BIG bed!


American Pit Bull Terriers make the BEST Pillows and Foot Rests! Lucky, Shawn and Final


Ahhhhhh the life, Mona is always happiest when she's on the couch with her children, Shawn, Jake and Mike


Come on Dreamer, i already took a bath today!


Snuggle Bunnies, Final and Ty (RIP sweet girl)


Maggy, i said you have to wait PATIENTLY for the cheese!


Who said American Pit Bull Terriers don't like little guys?


With Final, you never need a stuffed animal!


Mom? Ohhhhh Mom??? You forgot the toilet tissue!


Ok mom, let's go play in the snow! Isn't Boop just adorable in her wintery duds?


Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, right there mom! Wrangler LOVES a good scratch!


AND A good Soak! Wrangler just loves to primp in a warm bath!Yes! He IS Laying down!


Can't anyone take a nap around here? Poor Final!


Wandyl says "Nap? Who Needs A Nap?!"


Rasppppppberrrrrrrryyyy!!!!!! Ty says Phooey on you!


Ya'll Come Back Now, Ya Here?