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Even in Hurricane type winds, Sully, me and her daddy Wandyl will always be three of a kind!


The two stooges, a VERY plump Romeo and Duchess.

Photo credit: Nicole Quintal of SkyBlue Amstaffs


No autographs please! Romeo and Duchess

Photo credit: Nicole Quintal of SkyBlue Amstaffs


Am i drinking or swimming? Looks like a huge water bowl to me! A thirsty Duchess.

Photo Credit: Nicole Quintal of SkyBlue Amstaffs


Wooo hooo!!!!!


An EXTREMELY adorable 5 month old Duchess!

Photo Credit: Nicole Quintal of SkyBlue Amstaffs


Shhhhhh be very very quiet! Duchess and Megan are sleeping!


Now see what you did! You woke the dog!


A 5 year old Billy Jack. I don't want to look at a hot dog mom! I want to look at YOU!


Billy Jack in his younger days shortly after he arrived here.


Don't be fooled by this cute little girl. She grew into a spoiled rotten bratt! Boop at 4 months


See what i mean?!


That has got to be the HARRIEST Amstaff i have ever seen! A spoiled rotten Karman (The Afghan Hound)


SHHHHHHH this is one little girl you do NOT want to wake up! A very tired Logan!


Oh now you've done it! That's the evil eye!


You want me to what? Free stack? BAH! I want to be a DOG! Rotten little Logan


Moonie says "Save the grooming for later, give me hugs NOW!"


Can you guess who this is? No? It's a very tiny baby Rock!

Photo Credit: Michelle Arnold of White Tip Kennel


AWWWWWWW wasn't Ro a cutie at a year old?!

Photo Credit: Nicole Quintal of SkyBlue Amstaffs


Right Back Atcha Babe! Sully being her retarted self at 6 months


Don't be fooled by the cute face, Sully is as rotten as they come!


I said enough with the camera! Can't a pup get some sleep around here?!


Yeah, I'm special, I have a party hat! Sully with her new ear crop at 10 weeks!


Yeah Yeah, i know i'm the man, still got it at three years old baby! Isn't Wan such a looker?!


Good thing this kitty snack didn't come with claws! Nah reall though, i love my buddy!


Can you believe he was ever this small? A baby Wrangler

Photo Credit: I THINK Janet Massie of Massies Kennel


"Can we stop practicing now girls? I want to check out that little barking dog over there!" Me, Wrangler and Melanie Davis of Blazin Amstaffs getting in some practice late night after one of the AKC Raleigh shows.


Yeah! Now that's more like it Wrangler! Stand for that cheese!


A young Wrangler with his ears!

Photo Credit: Janet Massie of Massies Kennel


Nice shot there Final! Final and Logan being so rudely disturbed!


For some reason this picture really speaks to me, what is Rock saying?


Final's son Stripe, such an intense look for such a sweet dog!