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We here at Nitro Kennels hold a great respect for those out there that have helped us along the way over the years. Many people have touched our lives in a way that could never be repaid and we would like to take the time to list those people here on this page. Breeder's, Judge's, Vet's, Friends and Family, Nitro Kennels would like to say THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU! 


Andrew Stemple
Ellen Stemple
Victoria Ashby
Timmy Ashby
Dennis Beck
Mandy Ross
Chaple Byron, CVT
Dr. Buck Clark,DVM
Dr. Nancy Fisher, DVM
Dr. Amber McUgh, DVM
Ralph Milby
Ginny York
Joanne Gladstome Bertsch
Sandy Comer
Kerrie Kennett
Albert Godwin
Lori Bowling
Patty Dunn
Chris Wells
DeAndre Brooks
Amber Madjeski
Kim Allison
Franny Day
Melissa Scheigert
Skip Miller
Amanda Stokes-Van Voorhees
Sharon Stone
Audrey Pasko
Eric Hotaling
Michelle Arnold
Ellen Orban
Jim Rogers
Nicole Quintal
Dr. Joel Fisher, DVM
UKC Judges
AKC Judges
Town & Country Animal Care Center
Animal Medical Center Of Garner
Cary Emergency Clinic
Swift Creek Animal Hospital
Veterinary Specialty Hospital Of Cary
Lori & Donnie Divine
Melanie & Jason Davis
Maureen Wendling