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Most of the websites created by Nitro Designs are agree'd upon by private treaty. We take a great deal of pride in our work, which we hope to portray in our creations. Nitro Designs does not charge for site creation on an hourly rate. The time involved in creating a web site is generally tedious and can take many hours. We ourselves could not afford to pay an hourly rate, therefor, we do not expect any potential clients to do so either!

Nitro Designs generally prefers the client to choose a theme for their site. It may be a color scheme or, as you might notice with other clients, anything you can imagine! The size of the site is how Nitro Designs will establish the price of the creation. Along with size (number of pages), flash, applets and plugins will also be a factor.

On any Creation we include up to 2 months of free maintanence. General maintenance after the 2 month period, or on sites not created by Nitro Designs , are charged at a rate of five (5.00) dollars per page. This includes simple updates such as changing text, adding or removing images, etc..

Nitro Designs also offers graphics,flash animation,applets and plugins by private treaty.We will create what you wish and send you the files to add to your personal web site. Nitro Designs will add the creation if the client wishes at an additional price of five (5.00) dollars.

Nitro Designs also offers local photography for web site use.

All creations by Nitro Designs will carry our copyright ©

If you are interested in a Nitro Designs creation please contact us via e-mail or by phone!

(919) 553-6604