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May 17,2002- Randolph, Ohio

White Tip's Nitro's Smackdown Hotel takes his Junior Male class, Best Male
and right onto Best Of  Winners under the honorable judge Tina Augustine in Randolph, Ohio
on May 17,2002! This finished Rock to his Champion title!!!! Rock is not only White Tip Kennels
first Champion bred male but their first Champion ever! What a way to start! Rock's mother
Emma, starting her show career at 6 years old is only a Best Female away from her own
Championship title! Go Emma Go!
Your son will be waiting for you at the top!

May 18,2002- Randolph, Ohio

CH White Tip's Nitro's Smackdown Hotel takes Reserve CH of CH's in show 1
under the honorable judge Ray Johnson
Ch White Tip's Nitro's Smackdown Hotel takes Reserve CH of CH's in show 2
under the honorable judge Arlene Grimes

May 19,2002- Randolph, Ohio

CH White Tip's Nitro's Smackdown Hotel takes Reserve CH of CH's under the
honorable judge Gene Reynolds

April 2,2002

WhtTips Nitro's Smackdown Hotel takes Junior male out of a HUGE class, Best Male and onto beat his own mother for Best Of Winners! It is an amazing thing to have mother and son take Best Male and Best Female at the very same show under the very same judge! I would like to thank all of those that formed this boy's cheering section and of course his breeders Michelle and Lance Arnold of White Tip Kennel! Also a big thanks to Lori and her husband Bill for allowing us to stay at their beautiful home for this show!

-November 10,2001-

WhtTip's Nitro's Smackdown Hotel took his Junior Male class S1 under the honorable judge Lynn Martin, S2 he took his Junior Male class and Best Male under the honorable judge Arlene Grimes! Rock came home with 45 points and a major his first time out! We are so proud of him!!!! I think I would have been just as proud if he hadn't brought home a single thing as Rock was a total angel the entire weekend!We would like to thank Michelle and Lance Arnold Of White Tip Kennel for allowing us to have this wonderful boy!

-Special Thanks-

 We would like to take this time to thank a few people.... For helping me work Rock late at night when he didn't have to, for giving me pointers on how to correct Rock's ADD (LOL) and for going out of his way at the last minute to bring me a choker that would fit over that monsterous head, we would like to thank Joe Pretrioti. To Lori Bowling and her daughter for the care and handling of Bowling's Tootsie Full O Nitro (A Final/Lucky pup) at her first show in Richmond, Virginia this past weekend, Lori your daughter handled her like a PRO!!!!! And to Chris Wells for allowing Rock and I to bunk at her house for the Richmond, Virginia show!!

November 10-11,2001- Hartford, Conneticuit

Nitro's Xerox Of Daddy At WD took First Place in his weight class beating 10 other dogs at his very first IWPA weight pull!!!!! Way to go Patty and Richard Of Working Dogs Kennels!!!!! Can't wait to see him kicking butt and taking names at the UKC weight pulls in 2002!

April 27, 2001- North Canton, Ohio

Nitro's  Xerox Of Daddy At WD struts his stuff at his very first UKC show
in North Canton, Ohio on April 27-29,2001. Captain was shown in the Non
Licensed events and recieved an outstanding review from all four Judges!!!!
Captain is handled by Patricia Dunn of Working Dogs Kennels in Taunton, Mass.
and is owned by Noel Hopkins. Nitro Kennels would like to thank both Patty
and Noel for the outstanding job they have done with this little boy!!! Good
Luck at the next show!!!Pictured: Co-Breeder Elaine Swingle and Owner Noel

Lexington Kentucky July 27-29,2001:

White Tips's Chocoloate Sensation : 3rd place Puppy Female Friday- Maude Tank
                                            4th place Puppy Female Saturday show 1-Walt Pasko
                                             3rd place Puppy Female Saturday show2-June Pasko
                                           FIRST PLACE Puppy Female Sunday-Bernice McDermitt


Debbi had some really stiff competition with 5 in her class on Friday,6 in
her class in show 1 and 2 on Saturday and 5 in her class on Sunday! Debbi was
the youngest in her class at just a few days over 6 months while the others
were between 8-12 months! Debbi is out of Nitro's Final Stand and White Tip's
Miss Julie McKoy of Thndrrdg. We are so very proud of our "Grandaughter" for
bringing home her first ten points at just 6 months old!!!! Debbi lives with
Michelle Arnold of White Tip Kennel and we were lucky enough to get to
puppy nap her away to go to this show!